Датская тележка-контейнер для цветов Голландский поставщик тележек для растений и цветов

От фабрики напрямую по оптовой цене

  • Флажок Бесплатные индивидуальные услуги.
  • Флажок Услуги быстрого отбора проб.
  • Флажок Самая быстрая доставка.
  • Флажок Надежное качество.
  • Флажок Поддержка 7*24.


Flower trolleys are important in the greenhouse industry for moving and showing plants. They are available to meet almost all growers’ needs: transport, shopping, grower seedling, display, and other customer services.


1. Hot dip galvanized, not easy to rust, not easy corrosion, long service life.
2. Superior technology, excellent quality, pricing.
3. Can be arbitrary adjustment layer plate spacing, facilitate flexible use.
4. Beautiful and generous and practical.
5. The CC Container offers a flexible shelf solution, you decide the number of shelves and their position.
6. Products only need to be loaded once because the CC Container is also a flexible retail display unit.
7. Designed to be kept outside. Made from hot dip galvanized steel to ensure protection from corrosion.