Blue and Gray Outdoor Steel Storage Shed Patio Steel Storage Shed Space Maker

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The patio steel storage shed is a perfect size to store all those items you use on your deck and patio. Store your cushions, serving carts and much more when not in use, keeping them safe from mother nature. Tall walls and wide swing door openings allows you to move items in and out with ease. This galvanized steel shed and is proudly Manufactured in the USA with globally sourced material. Get the storage you need from this affordable, aesthetically pleasing and perfect sized package for your backyard patio or deck.


COMPACT OUTDOOR STORAGE: The Space maker Steel Storage Shed offers 93 cubic square feet of storage. Easily setup this metal shed in your open backyard space
.VERSATILE STORAGE OPTION: The outdoor storage shed can be used as a garden shed, bike shed or tool shed. Use this storage shed outdoors to meet a variety of outdoor storage needs.
CONVENIENT AND SECURE OUTDOOR STORAGE: This Patio Shed has wide swing doors with a metal locking handle (with key) that offers secure and easy in and out access for all your items.
OUTDOOR PROTECTION: The metal shed’s sturdy steel protects your shed from corrosion and outdoor weather conditions.
ATTRACTIVE DURABILITY: The outside storage shed’s vertical wall panels give a timeless aesthetic. The shed’s two-tone aesthetic complements most home exteriors.