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Keep everything organized with this convenient 2-in-1 multi-use storage shed from the factory in China. Our 2-in-1 marvel includes 2 separate secured storage areas in 1 unit. The pent roof design allows efficient water runoff to keep everything dry. The front storage area has hinged double doors for easy access and is secured with a handle lock and key. The side storage area has a hinged, single door that is also secured with a handle lock and key. Strong and durable, this stylish shed is constructed with powder-coated, galvanized steel that is resistant to rust, corrosion, and UV rays.


1. Efficient design: designed to fit a variety of outdoor storage items, this unit is the perfect fit for any backyard, patio, or lawn, this shed comes with 2 separate storage areas to allow you to store all your tools, garden supplies, grill equipment, and accessories, the shed doors come equipped with a lock and key to keep all your possessions safe and secure
2. Large storage size: this 8 ft. W x 5.75 ft. H shed stores 156 cu. ft., the front storage area has 29 sq. ft. of floor storage, where the side storage area has 13 sq. ft., this compact shed allows you to keep organized and store all your outdoor tools with ease
3. Sturdy and durable: made with heavy-duty, rust-resistant and weather-resistant galvanized steel, this storage cabinet is built to withstand rust, rot, mildew, UV rays, and corrosion, ergonomically designed for long-lasting use to enjoy for many years
4. Dimensions: overall shed dimensions are 3.6 ft. D x 8 ft. W x 5.75 ft. H/front storage dimensions are 3.5 ft. D x 5.4 ft. W x 5.5 ft. H/side storage dimensions are 2.6 ft. D x 3.5 ft. W x 5.5 ft. H/wall thickness is 0.01 in.
5. Customer service: Hanover customer service is here to help, if you are in need of replacement parts, parts due to damage in transit, or have any questions, please feel free to contact us and our customer service team will respond within 24-hours to assist you
6. 2 vents (1 on each side) provide adequate airflow
7. È richiesto il montaggio da parte di 2 persone: istruzioni e hardware inclusi
8. Note: concrete slab or treated timber foundation is strongly recommended (8 anchors included)
9. Overall exterior dimensions (feet): 3.6 ft. D x 8 ft. W x 5.75 ft. H (42 sq. ft.)
10. Front storage interior dimensions (feet): 3.5 ft. D x 5.4 ft. W x 5.5 ft. H (29 sq. ft.)
11. Front door width: 31.5 in. each/front door height: 65 in. each
12. Side Storage Interior Dimensions (feet): 2.6 ft. D x 3.5 ft. W x 5.5 ft. H (13 sq. ft.)
13. Side door width: 31.5 in./side door height: 59 in.
14. Wall thickness: 0.1 in.