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  • Galvanized Metal Storage Shed

    2-in-1 Multi-Use Galvanized Metal Outdoor Garden Patio Storage Shed Wholesale

    Keep everything organized in 1-place with this convenient 2-in-1 multi-use storage shed from China factory directly. Our 2-in-1 marvel includes 9 sq. ft. of lockable storage and an open woodshed that holds up to 42 cu. ft. of stacked firewood. Strong and durable, this stylish shed is constructed with powder-coated, galvanized steel which is resistant to rust, corrosion, and UV rays. The sloped roof with gutters allows quick water runoff during rainstorms. The enclosed storage shed features a hinged, single door that opens fully to allow easy access and is secured with a sliding bolt-lock that is padlock compatible (padlock NOT included). Perfect for seasoning and storing all your firewood, the open woodshed allows proper air circulation and easy access, plus, the raised metal base keeps the logs off the ground. For all your outdoor storage needs, depend on quality products from us.