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  • Outdoor Metal Garden Storage Shed

    Custom Bespoke Lifelong Metal Garden Shed Wholesale Supplier

    Introducing our premier offering: Custom Bespoke Lifelong Metal Garden Sheds, your ultimate wholesale supplier for unmatched storage solutions. These Metal Garden Sheds epitomize the pinnacle of storage ingenuity, catering seamlessly to garden furniture, the lawnmower, and cherished odds and ends from within your home. Their superiority lies in their advanced security, outshining conventional wooden sheds in every aspect.

  • Outdoor Metal Garden Storage Shed

    Outdoor Metal Garden Storage Shed For Tools And Machines

    Outdoor Metal Garden Storage Shed For Tools And Machines

    Outdoor shed, metal garden shed, garden storage shed, affordable garden storage shed, metal shed available for purchase.

    Product Description: Sunshine Garden provides high-quality, sturdy steel sheds designed for compact patio storage, offering solutions for your backyard storage requirements.

    1. Material: Robust corrugated color steel panels with dual-sided coating, ensuring maintenance-free and enduring ridge-reinforced walls.
    2. Well-ventilated dual front gables.
    3. Simple home assembly achievable in approximately 4 hours.
    4. Rust-free for 15 years, with a perforation warranty for easy installation.
    5. The garden shed serves as storage for tools, cars, and more.


    1. Electro-galvanized steel for resistance to corrosion.
    2. Low gable with a reinforced steel roof.
    3. DIY assembly facilitated by pre-cut and pre-drilled components.
    4. Doors designed with a large opening for convenient entry and exit.
  • Garden Tool Storage Shed

    Wholesale Outdoor Garden Tool Storage Metal Shed with Sliding Door

    1. Large capacity storing bicycle, repair tools, lawn care equipment
    2. Galvanized steel ensuring it UV-resistant, moisture – proof
    3. Slanted roof: slanted roof design preventing from rain