Tow steel garden lawn roller Black Garden Lawn Grass Roller

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Lawn roller is ideal for erasing lawn damage caused by moles and frost heave. It is made of durable material. So you can use it for a long time. It can also help pack down loose dirt and newly sewn seed or sod for a beautiful lawn. The push / tow roller is a very versatile roller which is small enough to maneuver in tight space and durable enough to be towed behind a tractor to roll larger open space.

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Load Capacity
30 Liter
Roller diameter
30 cm
Roller length
42 cm
Overall height
100 cm
Carton size


Color: Green
Material: Galvanized steel
Garden roller: 90 cm width. 30 cm diameter steel drum
Approx net weight: 16 kg
Approx weight: 75 kg when filled with water
Approx weight: 110 kg when filled with sand


The roller features handles that fold back for easy storage plus a scraper bar that ensures any loose debris is not rolled back into the lawn
Heavy duty,63 l capacity poly roller drum will not dent or rust
Rounded roller end caps for a smooth tractor turn without damaging the lawn
90 cm wide steel drum fits larger lawn and helps to improve the work efficiency


Tow steel garden lawn roller

Tow steel garden lawn roller