Garbage Can Storage: A Clever, Attractive Way to Conceal Trash cans and More

Nothing ruins curb appeal like stray trash cans strewn about your front or side yard. No matter how much time you spend on gorgeous landscaping and outdoor decor, those pesky bins not only create a cluttered look, they can also invite unwanted guests like rodents and insects. Utilizing a garbage can storage shed is an easy way to maintain curb appeal and avoid pests in your yard. Here are some creative ways to conceal garbage and keep your lawn looking great in every season. 

Use a Shed for Garbage Can Storage?

There are several reasons why a trash can shed is a solid investment for your property. The addition will provide several benefits including:

metal trash bin shed

Keep wild animals away

If you have trash cans sitting outside of your home unsecured, chances are a wild animal could become interested in what’s inside. Animals like raccoons are notorious for scavenging through trash cans, causing a mess and even dangerous situations if they are in bad health and attack a human or a pet. Other animals like bears can also become interested in loose trash cans. Putting ammonia on trash can lids can successfully keep animals away.

Avoid infestations

When garbage cans are left unsecured, they not only carry trash inside. Even when they’re empty, water can pool and cause mosquitos to breed. Trash can promote the presence of roaches and other insects you don’t want near your property. In addition, bees and wasps tend to hang out nearby which could cause stings and even health problems for some.

Avoid bad odors

Who wants their yard to smell like a trash bin? When you have a trash can shed, it contains the waste to one area which means you won’t be getting whiffs of trash as you walk up to your perfectly manicured yard.

metal trash bin shed

Curb appeal

While it’s tough to quantify just how much curb appeal is worth, having a shed for trash cans can offer a great first impression for your home. People will see a yard free from trash and debris, and that could be the difference between you selling your house and it staying on the market.

Keep trash cans in good shape

While trash cans can certainly withstand the weather, heavy-duty outdoor bins can cost $50 or more. Protect your investment by utilizing a trash can shed to protect it from wear and tear.

metal trash bin shed

What to Look for in a Garbage Can Storage Shed?

One size does not fit all when it comes to an outdoor bin storage for trash. Much like buying a car, there are more expensive and less expensive shed models, along with other factors that may make one product better for your unique needs. Here are things to consider before investing in sheds for garbage cans.


The price of a trash can shed can vary widely depending on size, material, and added features. If you are looking for a bargain, a fabric shed for trash cans may be more expensive than their metal counterparts. Smaller sheds also tend to be more cost effective, but you will not be able to store multiple trash cans or other outdoor items with a small shed.


Depending on the size of your yard and amount of trash you produce, there are multiple options for outdoor storage sheds that can fit your needs. Trash can shed options with a smaller footprint will be more ideal for a smaller household that only produces enough trash to fill one or two bins at a time. If you have a larger property and more trash output, you will need a larger storage solution to conceal the garbage cans.


While fabric sheds can have incredible durability with ripstop tough covers and all-steel frames, they may not have the same durability as other all-steel trash can shed options. If you are anticipating placing your shed in an area susceptible to higher winds, snow, or sizeable amounts of rain, you may want to invest in a slightly more durable shed made from galvanized steel. The steel products tend to fend off corrosion and other damage that can lead to shed stability issues when compared to other materials.


An outdoor storage building should be a part of your décor and blend in with your outdoor oasis. Choose the right color, shape, and size for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your yard. Choose a sleek looking trash can shed for a more modern home, or a more laid-back style for a more traditional aesthetic.

Easy assembly

Whether you are an experienced DIYer or just a novice, you may want to look for a trash can shed that has easy assembly so you can do it yourself and save money on hiring a professional.


While a shed for trash cans is convenient, it can also function as a storage solution for other household items as well as garden tools, lawncare products, and even pool supplies. If you have more clutter in your yard than just trash cans, it may be worth purchasing a shed with shelves and multiple compartments for increased storage area.


Whether you are protecting your outdoor bin storage from bears or thieves, it may be a smart idea to purchase an option with a locking mechanism to keep animals or humans away from the items inside. Some models come with a built-in locking mechanism while others provide a spot for you to add your own lock.

metal trash bin shed

Other Outdoor Bin Storage Options

If a shed for trash cans isn’t possible for your property, there are some alternate options that will shield garbage and keep your yard looking tidy. Each one is cost-effective and can be customized to fit multiple trash bins and other items for storage if necessary. 

Create your own

Use wood or metal to create your own storage area for trash cans. Build exactly the storage solution you need for trash cans and other items you want to shield from Mother Nature.

Build a screen

Use willow panels to create a screen to block trash cans in your yard. The options are endless; choose a material that fits your style for a perfect addition to add curb appeal.

Plant shrubbery

Camouflage trash bins with gorgeous plants. Add to your landscaping while tucking away eyesores. Meanwhile, the plants will be improve the air around trash bins.

A trash can shed is an inexpensive and simple way to tuck away trash cans and other outdoor items that can clutter your space and detract from a gorgeous aesthetic. Whether you need a larger option to store multiple cans, or a shed with a smaller footprint, the addition of outdoor bin storage will pack a big punch in the curb appeal department. And if a trash can shed isn’t a possibility, you can create your own screen or shrubbery to hide any eyesore to transform your yard into a beautiful hideaway.