Customized Garden or Home Cleaning Tools Cart with wheel

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Our company produces various garden or cleaning tool carts.

Size: L1050*W400*350mm

Wheels: 8*2.50-4 inflatable wheels

Cart can be customized according to customer requirements.

Our tool carts are of good quality and quality can be guaranteed.


Package: carton , carton with Fumigation-free wooden pallet.


You can have all of your gardening or cleaning tools close at hand with this easy to move garden tool cart. You can neatly and easily store your gardening or cleaning gloves, a small fork and spade, plant labels and tags, and more! Having these things so easily accessible means you won’t have to walk back and forth to your garden tool shed to get the things you need. Also with a large detachable bucket, you can store weeds, seedlings, or even dirt – it’s up to you! Another, smaller bucket allows you to store additional gardening materials, so you won’t be short of space! This tool cart would be an ideal gift for anyone who loves gardening!