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  • Metal Patio Storage Shed

    Modern Outdoor Metal Garden Patio Backyard Storage Shed 5.9 ft. x 3.2 ft. x 2.7 ft.

    Store and protect your garden supplies in this strong and durable patio storage shed by this modern outdoor metal storage shed. With 6 sq. ft. of internal floor space, this compact shed is constructed with powder-coated, galvanized steel which is resistant to rust, corrosion and UV rays. 2 tool racks provide elevated storage options to maximize space. The hinged, single door opens fully to allow easy access and is secured with a twist-lock and key. For all your outdoor storage needs.

  • Outdoor Storage Building

    Outdoor Garden Storage Building Metal Garden Tool Storage Shed with Sliding Door

    Are you considering buying a shed to keep your outdoors from clutter. This 8.4 ft. x 8.4 ft. outdoor storage building with a stylish gable roof and double lockable doors could be a perfect option, which can add appeal to your yard or garden while acting as an extension of your home. The sturdy, weatherproof metal frame featuring a spacious interior provides spacious space to store your lawnmowers, gardening tools, bikes and some extra compost bags. You can also use the walk-in tool organizer house with vents as a potting station for your plants or as a possible rainy-day play area for kids. Overall, this high-quality modern yard shed is a great investment for anyone who wants lots of time and space outdoors.

  • Double Door Metal Yard Saver

    Custom Double Door Metal Yard Saver White Galvanized Metal Storage Shed 4 ft. x 7 ft.

    A sloped roof and lean-to design allow you to abut this metal yard saver storage shed against another structure for maximum space efficiency. The double-door entryway can be assembled on either end to suit your needs and the 4 ft. x 7 ft. layout boasts 154 cu. ft. of storage space to safeguard bicycles, patio furniture, grilling equipment, tools, lawn and garden supplies, swimming pool accessories, trash cans and more. This floorless storage building is constructed with galvanized steel and rises 82 in. at its highest point, offering plentiful headroom for maneuverability.

  • Brown Metal Outdoor Storage Shed

    Brown Metal Outdoor Garden Patio Tool Storage Shed with Vents and Lockable Door

    If you are looking for an added storage place for your home, this metal shed will be a good choice. Feature with 44 sq. ft. coverage, this garden shed is easy to keep your garden supplies as well as be a garbage storage place. It is also a good option to be a pet house with spacious room. A foundation is also included in the-package so that you can customize your own outdoor storage easier.

  • Outdoor Metal Storage Shed with Lockable Door

    Dark Gray Outdoor Metal Storage Shed Patio Garden Building with Lockable Door

    Are you still anxious about how to organize your outdoor tools? This metal storage house with a double sliding door is here to offer you a creative outdoor storage solution. Crafted with a combination of water-proof and UV resistant galvanized sheet and color steel, this shed organizer is durable and sturdy enough to withstand extreme conditions. A pitched roof prevents it from rain collection. 2 vents provide air circulate and light, making it damp-proof, anti-corrosion. After mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool or going for a bike ride, you just need to put the lawn mower, pool cleaning equipment and bicycle in the outdoor storage shed, and then keep the lockable doors locked up and go about your business without worries of being stolen or destroyed. Look no further than this all weather applicable outdoor garden storage shed, getting your yard, patio and lawn in perfect order.

  • Galvanized Metal Storage Shed

    2-in-1 Multi-Use Galvanized Metal Outdoor Garden Patio Storage Shed Wholesale

    Keep everything organized in 1-place with this convenient 2-in-1 multi-use storage shed from China factory directly. Our 2-in-1 marvel includes 9 sq. ft. of lockable storage and an open woodshed that holds up to 42 cu. ft. of stacked firewood. Strong and durable, this stylish shed is constructed with powder-coated, galvanized steel which is resistant to rust, corrosion, and UV rays. The sloped roof with gutters allows quick water runoff during rainstorms. The enclosed storage shed features a hinged, single door that opens fully to allow easy access and is secured with a sliding bolt-lock that is padlock compatible (padlock NOT included). Perfect for seasoning and storing all your firewood, the open woodshed allows proper air circulation and easy access, plus, the raised metal base keeps the logs off the ground. For all your outdoor storage needs, depend on quality products from us.