Brown Metal Outdoor Garden Patio Tool Storage Shed with Vents and Lockable Door

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If you are looking for an added storage place for your home, this metal shed will be a good choice. Feature with 44 sq. ft. coverage, this garden shed is easy to keep your garden supplies as well as be a garbage storage place. It is also a good option to be a pet house with spacious room. A foundation is also included in the-package so that you can customize your own outdoor storage easier.


1. 4 built-in vents are designed for regulating temperature, reducing heat and humidity as well as improving air circulation
2. Built of 65.5 in. her lockable door, extra-comfort will be offered when you are entering the shed without feeling annoyed
3. Sloped roof is responsible for drainage and will help avoiding leakage or accumulation from the heavy rain or heavy snow effectively
4. Come with a painted surface, this cabinet is rust and weather resistant which makes it perfect for outdoor using
5. To protect your safety, each screw is with a plastic protective shell and corner shells are designed for anti-collision
6. Compared with wooded storage shed, a metal shed is more durable with its galvanized steel material
7. With thick panels which is up to 0.01 in. and 173 lbs. weight for better stability
8. Assembled dimension: 94.1 in. L x 72.2 in. W x 76.8 in. H