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The quick assembly storage shed is a galvanized steel shed that is durable and made to last. It features the revolutionary Snap-IT quick assembly system that cuts assembly time down by 50% compared to most steel sheds on the market today. The quick assembly storage shed has a reduced number of fasteners across walls, roof, and doors and there are no more difficult nut/bolt connections – so assembly is faster and easier. The quick assembly storage shed features a design that is 2x stronger than leading steel sheds on the market. Its unique panel geometry is more impact resistant, and with its overlapping Snap-IT panels that connect every 12 in. it boasts a stronger overall building design. The quick assembly storage shed also features improved roof assembly that allows for ground assembly of the roof for easier and faster roof attachment. The quick assembly storage shed is not only a tougher shed with faster assembly, it’s a more modern and attractive take on outdoor storage sheds, too. The quick assembly storage shed is available in an updated color pallet that makes it a modern and stylish storage solution for backyard, patio, and garden areas. The quick assembly storage shed doesn’t just look better; it offers better storage space, as well.


1. 50% less hardware than the standard leading shed for 50% faster assembly
2. Assembly is easier and improved with the snap-it quick assembly system: simply snap panels into place and use the steel channels to bond the panels and walls of your shed together
3. 2x stronger design: this outdoor storage shed’s unique bonding process means panels overlap every 12 in. increasing both the thickness and overall strength of the unit: making it more resistant to denting and damage
4. New swing doors offer up to a 33% larger doorway, making storing large, bulky items easier than before, the swing doors feature a heavy duty frame for a more durable doorway, and 3 door hinges for improved durability
5. Improved roof assembly process compared to standard sheds: assemble your shed’s roof on the ground for easier and faster roof attachment
6. Gable vents allow for better air circulation and temperature regulation within your steel shed unit
7. Store up: 72 in. wall heights for higher storage space