Hot sale outdoor size of 10×12 ft steel metal garden shed for backyard with sliding door

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Easily add storage space and value to your property with an outdoor garden shed. The metal tool storage shed has distinct advantages over traditional wooden models that make it a much more attractive choice for purchase. If you’ve been looking for a way to add much-needed storage space to your property but don’t want to deal with the cost and upkeep of a traditional wooden model, this Outsunny backyard storage shed can be your perfect choice.


Color: Black
Materials: Steel
Overall Dimensions: 135.75″ W x 110.5″ D x 66.5″/79.25″ H
Beveled Side Dimensions: 111.25″ L
Inside Dimensions: 124.75″ W x 101.5″ D
Bottom Dimensions: 131.25″ W x 105.75″ D
Door Dimensions: 37.5″ W x 64.25″ H
Vent Dimensions: 8.75″ W x 3.75″ H


Corrugated steel frame, galvanized for extra strength. Tough, durable, and resistant to rusting and corrosion
Sloped roof to prevent water build-up
Double sliding door for easy access in and out
Lock-on door for security, the padlock can be added (not included)
Two ventilation slots to keep inside dry and fresh
Please be aware a floor foundation is NOT included
Assembly required