Nursary plant trolley with wheels

5 advantages Dutch flower trolley cart with wheels for display benefit your workplace

Meihuayuan Advantage of Dutch flower trolley cart with wheels:

Surface galvanizing is a hot-dip galvanizing process, which is more rust-resistant than stainless steel. This process is used for the galvanizing layer of high-voltage electric towers.

dutch trolley cart
dutch trolley cart

The load-bearing capacity of a single layer is 80-100KG, and the load-bearing capacity of the whole vehicle is 400-500KG. If you need a higher standard, please contact customer service for customization.

Dutch trolley flower trolley with wheels for display
Dutch trolley flower trolley with wheels for display

3. Disassembly:
The floor height can be adjusted by itself to meet the application of different scenarios, realizing one vehicle with multiple uses and higher utilization rate.

It can be used as a flower stand to improve greenhouse space utilization, and can also be used for mobile turnover (a dragging system can be added, which is more convenient with a tractor), saving manpower and labor.

5.Various materials available:
A variety of materials such as plywood, stretch mesh, and metal plates are available, and a variety of accessories such as nylon wheels, rubber wheels, and inflatable wheels are available to meet your needs in all scenarios.



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